Peter C. Geelan

Peter C. Geelan is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted educational background and a strong commitment to environmental conservation and construction safety. He earned his associate degree from FMCC (Fulton Montgomery Community College) and went on to acquire a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Delhi University. His drive for sustainable practices is exemplified by his success in passing the CPESC Exam, earning him the designation of a Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control. Peter is also well-versed in electrical systems and construction safety, holding certificates that attest to his comprehensive understanding of these critical aspects of the construction industry.

As an author, Peter channels his expertise into raising awareness about important societal issues. His latest work addresses the sensitive and vital topics of child abuse, sexual assault awareness, sexual harassment, and advocacy. Through his writing, Peter seeks to shed light on the pervasive issues surrounding these subjects, offering insights, empathy, and a call to action. By combining his professional knowledge with a passion for advocacy, Peter endeavors to make a meaningful impact on readers, inspiring conversations and actions that contribute to positive change.

Peter’s unique perspective as an author emerges from his rich background, blending environmental consciousness, construction expertise, and a commitment to social issues. His writing reflects a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding child abuse, sexual assault, and harassment, inviting readers to engage with these crucial topics thoughtfully and compassionately. Through his work, Peter not only informs but also encourages dialogue and advocacy, contributing to a more informed and compassionate society.


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