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Weathering Life’s Storms  Peter C Geelan's Autobiography

An inspiring autobiography that’s all about resilience, triumph, and finding strength in different challenges. Behind every tear, there’s a chapter of courage waiting to be written.

Explore Peter’s journey of overcoming life’s hurdles and discovering inner strength, as it has the potential to become one of the New York bestseller books

About the Book

What Lies Within the Pages

This is the safe space for readers where the story speaks about the complexities of human experience. From abuse to survival, love, and all the messy parts of life, these tales resonate with authenticity.
Look into a collection—a potential addition to making it to Amazon books best sellers, offering a gripping exploration of the human journey.
Core theme

Behind Closed Doors:

Surviving Shadows of Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Betrayal

Battered by betrayal, the author tried to pull back the curtain on some tough stuff with his autobiography—harassment, sexual abuse, and betrayal. No sugarcoating.

As he quoted in his book

It’s frustrating when people say, “I’m here to talk,” but when you open up, all they can muster is a generic response like, “Wow, that was tough,” or “I understand.” The truth is, nobody can truly grasp someone else’s pain unless they’ve lived it.

It’s about time these tough topics take center stage, don’t you think?

Silent Screams

Rising from the Ashes of Betrayal and Abuse

Through the Author's Lens

Peter’s Perspective

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of you while you’re still alive. Some day or day one. The moment you realize that no one is coming to save you is when you start to become a man. Boys look for help; men are made to lend a helping hand.

So, Check out his profound insights on personal growth and resilience, echoing themes that could resonate with readers interested in suicide awareness-related stories or those seeking inspiration from Amazon books best sellers.


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Peter C. Geelan

Peter C. Geelan is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted educational background and a strong commitment to environmental conservation and construction safety. He earned his associate degree from FMCC (Fulton Montgomery Community College) and went on to acquire a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Delhi University. His drive for sustainable practices is exemplified by his success in passing the CPESC Exam, earning him the designation of a Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control. Peter is also well-versed in electrical systems and construction safety, holding certificates that attest to his comprehensive understanding of these critical aspects of the construction industry.


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